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What's your next adventure?


Enjoy power wherever you decide to stop.


At Un-Plugged RVs, our team custom designs each and every RV solar energy system combined with a RV battery installation to meet your needs and your budget.

Each system is designed to your requirements, never a pre-packaged kit. Your system is perfectly designed for your specific power needs.

We work with leading RV battery Lithium (LiFePO4) manufacturers, providing you with storage systems that are the newest technology in the RV battery market.  

Our RV solar designs incorporate products from Solarland, REC Solar, Magnum Energy, Midnite Solar, and Victron Energy for your specific RV solar.


If you can drive there, Camp there!

Who said you need that expensive RV camper to get out and enjoy Mother Nature?

Standard cargo trailers offer so many options for living outdoors and our designers at Un-Plugged RVs know how to make what you want. We design Base Camp Trailers with custom RV solar energy that stores inside for driving yet easily deployed once you find that perfect spot. Combined with our battery systems, you are truly limitless with your travels.

Just add Sun!

Bring all your gear and your own power grid wherever you go! 

Un-Plugged Life


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