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King Of The Road RV Kit

SKU: 1890260

For the snowbirds and the boondockers, we offer the King of the Road kit, which includes (4) 100W panels for a total expected output of 2,000 watt hours per day*, enough to significantly decrease the amount of time spent running your generator and potentially allow you to spend your days enjoying the peace and quiet of your destination. It also comes with a Midnite KID 30amp MPPT charge controller for maximum charging efficiency and a Midnite MNBTS Battery Temperature Sensor.

  • Kit Components

    Qty Item Type Item #
    1 Electrical Design Diagram Services 9000129
    1 Link Solar ABS Double Entry Gland for All Cables for RV & Boat Racking 6951052
    8 Heyco Products Inc. HEYClip Sunrunner Cable Clip - S-6405 - Single Racking 7500013
    4 SunPower SPR-E-Flex-100 Flexible 100 watt module Solar Panels Solar Panels 9433670
    2 MidNite Solar MNEPV-30 Breakers 8530002
    1 MidNite Solar MNBB Big Baby Box Breaker Box 9925269
    1 MidNite Solar Midnite MNBTS Battery Temperature Sensor Charge Controller Accessories 3930004
    1 MidNite Solar Kid 30a MPPT MNKID-B - Black Charge Controller Charge Controllers 3930000
    1 Multi-Contact USA MC4 Unlocking Tool Cables 9981081
    1 Four Star Solar MC4 10 AWG - 100' Cable Extension Cables 9991054