Storm Damage Inspections

2B Limitless knows how devastating a major storm can be. We offer Storm Damage Inspections to our clients to ensure that any damage to an RV as a result of a storm is identified and any subsequent issues that may be present are pointed out. 

Your RV Inspector will look for damage caused from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and other natural disasters or acts of God. Once completed, your storm damage inspection will show you exactly where issues were found and what underlying issues the damage may have caused.

With a storm damage inspection, you can present the inspection report to your insurance adjuster for review. In addition, when you take your RV in for repair, you will have a comprehensive list of items from the inspection report that can be provided to the service center. You will not need to depend on the service center to spend unnecessary time looking for issues, delaying the delivery of your RV in full repair.

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