Ready to go Solar?

IRV solar is extremely different than residential solar (your house) . Most homes are grid tied which means when the sun goes down, you still have to relay on the power company to give you power at night and hope the sun was enough during the day to keep you in the positive.

RV solar depends on a battery system to provide you with that power when the sun goes down. 

In order to live a happy life once the sun goes down you need batteries. There is no grid to provide power and that's the point!


This is why our team works side by side with manufactures and suppliers to make sure each custom design from Un-Plugged RVs will provide you with the solar energy, battery energy, and the installation that will keep everything you want on at night. 

Keeping you unplugged is our goal.

Un-Plugged Life


Designed for your RV

What makes Un-Plugged RVs different from the rest? We have to talk to you first. Each owner has different wants. Once we find out what you want, then we can design the solar energy system to fit your needs and your budget. Whether you want to power a TV, some lights, and charge your laptop, we can do that.


Do you want to go "big" and have us design a system that will power your residential  refrigerator, microwave and the rest of your RV 24/7? We have the products and knowledge to supply you with just that.

We welcome your questions and look forward to talking with you.

Our installation center is located in historic Sanford, FL. just north of Orlando, FL. During your stay  you can enjoy newly built Hotels ( less than a mile); Downtown Sanford with shopping, dog parks, marinas and amazing restaurants  (15 minutes); boat rentals and fishing on the St. Johns River (10 minutes); The Central Florida Zoo (10 minutes);  Daytona Beach (40 minutes); and of course Disney, Sea World, and Universal Studios (45 minutes away).

Want more details? 

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