RV Solar Power

2B Limitless now offers full solar power installation on most RVs.  This is a perfect solution for boon docking or the weekend RVer just looking for savings on utilities.

We can create a personalized solar kit for your RV that can run many of the auxiliary technologies attached to your vehicle, such as TVs, computers, refrigerators, microwaves, and more.

One of our qualified solar installation techs will review your RV and recommend the appropriate solar system for your needs.

Call today for a free consultation. Pricing varies depending on personal needs and space available for solar systems.

Storing your RV?

Looking to keep your house / chassis batteries topped off? Most storage facilities do not have power to connect your RV. This means batteries can discharge even if disconnected. 2B Limitless RV has designed Solar kits that will trickle charge batteries which means no more ruined plans. We have Solar kits for Travel Trailer and 5th Wheels with one or two batteries or Kits for Motorized RV's that will charge both your house batteries and chassis banks. These kits can be fully customized and added on to later for true Boon-Docking. Mounting of these kits can be done yourself or we can custom install them for the best sun exposure. 

Contact us and let us build your specialized RV Solar today.

Our 200w Solarland RV kit is the ideal solution for an expandable RV power system. This 200w kit includes (2) Solarland 100w panels and all the essential solar components to get you up and running. The Midnite Kid 30a MPPT charge controller is easy to install and can accomodate more solar power if you need to expand in the future. Flex solar panels also available.

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Tired of listening to that generator? Try our 300w RV Kit, featuring (3) Solarland 100w solar panels, a Midnite Kid 30a MPPT charge controller and all the solar components to get you up and running. Recharge your house batteries with clean, quiet, reliable solar energy. Flex solar panels also available.

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This 400w Solarland RV kit features (4) 100w panels, a Midnite Kid 30a MPPT charge controller, and all the other solar components to get you up and running. This kit produces enough power to significantly decrease the amount of time spent running your generator and allow you to spend your days enjoying the peace and quiet of your destination. Also available with Solarland 100w rigid panels.

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