RV Inspection Service for Sellers


2B Limitless works with current owners that want to have an RV Inspection done their vehicle that is going to be placed on the market for sale.

Inspection Services - Current Owner Ready to Sell


2B Limitless offers Seller inspection services. RV inspections are not only for those looking to buy a new RV. We can conduct RV inspections for current owners looking to sell their RV. 


For Sellers, an RV inspection provides you with up front knowledge of any issues that the RV may have so that you can resolve them before you place your vehicle on the market for sale. The RV inspection also provides you with a selling tool that you can present to potential buyers that assists you in the selling process.


2B Limitless prides itself on providing objective assessments for the condition of every RV we inspect. An RV inspection with 2B Limitless includes a visual inspection of all structures and systems from roof to tires. For the interior of an RV, a standard inspection consists of the HVAC system, plumbing and electrical systems, ceilings, walls, floors, any visible insulation and other structural components.  On the exterior, the functionality of all lighting, prior damage to exterior panels including roof, hood, bumpers, front, back and sides of the RV, doors, windows, underbelly, and drivetrain systems are scrutinized.


Our RV inspectors use a comprehensive checklist that includes over 200 items to cover any RV from top to bottom. All RV inspection deliveries include a copy of your personalized checklist from our qualified inspector, photos of the RV showing interior, exterior, and any issues noted during the inspection, and a final consultation with your inspector. 

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