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Everyone knows that when you are getting ready for a trip in your RV that you must always pack the basics like food and clothes but there are many other things that you might need along the way.  Here, we will take a look at some of the essential items you might need for your next camping trip.


  • First Aid Kit - Always be prepaired to take care of those little bumps and scrapes.

  • Wooden Spoon - Placing a wooden spoon over a boiling pot of water helps prevent spill over.

  • Spare Sheets - An extra set of sheets helps keep things clean and fresh.  Plus, you can also use them to cover things like a picnic table.

  • Toilet Paper - Because leaves really are not much fun.

  • Paper Towels - Paper towels can double as napkins in a pinch.

  • Dish Cloths - Driving home with smelly dishes is almost not as much fun as having no toilet paper.

  • Bottle/Can opener - For drinks and food.  This one is self-explanitory.

  • Spare Keys - You can place a magnetic box for keys on the outside of your RV for safe keeping. Summoning a locksmith to the campground on a weekend can be expensive.

  • Cooking Grease - What is better than fried eggs from a cast iron skillet? A thin layer of cooking grease after cooking will season your cast iron cookware and keep it from rusting.


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