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Camping Safety Tips

Inspecting and buying a new rv are just the first steps to your adventures. Now that you are ready to travel the open road and set up camp in your happy place, you will need to remember a few basics while enjoying nature.


  • Animals - never approach wild animals, even the cute ones.  WIld animals can carry diseases that can be harmful and sometimes fatal to humans. Don't feed the animals either. While some animals can seem very cute and cuddly, they can be extremely unpredictable and feeding them encourages them to return.  You don't wan to wake up to your food supply being ransacked by a family of raccoons.

  • Water - Be careful around water and especially moving streams.  Always watch your step on rocks as they can be slippery and keep a careful eye on children.  Make sure everyone that goes near unfamiliar water knows how to swim.

  • Hiking - Always take a friend.  Hiking can be dangerous so always bring along a buddy just in case you get into trouble, you have a second person that can help you out or run back to camp for help.

  • Mosquitos and other critters - Bug sprays, nets, and candles are always helpful for keeping away those pesky insects. Be mindful of allergies for everyone in your group. If someone has a known allergy to insects like bees or wasps, make sure that the proper medicine is packed and ready just in case you need it.

  • First Aid Kits - Bumps, scratches, burns, they all happen from time to time. Make sure before you leave and set up camp that you have a fully stocked first aid kit that includes: bandaids, tape, gauze, neosporin, alcohol and any other helpful items.  You can usually pick up a handy kit at the store for less than $10 that can handle any minor incidents

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