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Five Reasons You Should Have a Third Party RV Inspection

Buying a new RV is an exciting time and will likely be one of the most expensive purchases you ever make. If you are purchasing an RV for the first time you will, without a doubt, learn a lot of things about all types of recreational vehicles.  Those new tidbits of knowledge will help you to make the decision on which RV is right for you.  


Think about the first time you bought your first house or car. You probably did not know everything to look for and afterward found out that maybe you couldn't get your favorite piece of furniture through the hallway or that you simply were not comfortable in the driver's seat for long trips. These are the same kind of details that you should think about when considering a new RV. The RV experience should be about enjoying life and having fun, not worrying about how you will overcome the next obstacle.


While RV retailers typically conduct a pre delivery inspection of the vehicles they sell, they are mostly focused on ensuring that the motor home or coach is cosmetically clean and that basic systems are functioning when you drive off the lot. Retailers are not always concerned with the long term functionality since that means the buyer will have to return later for repairs, which in turn will make them more money.


This is where a third party RV inspection and consultation service comes in. There are many reasons that hiring a qualified RV inspector is beneficial, but let us focus on five of the most important reasons you should have an independant inspector review your RV before buying.


  1. Objectivity - A third party RV inspector can approach any RV without bias and has no emotional involvement in your purchase. You will want someone that can look at defects and point them out as issues. Even the most experience RVer will overlook minor issues due to emotion. 

  2. Save Money - If your inspector can identify all of the issues with your potential RV, then it gives you bargaining power with the seller. Not only are you better able to negotiate pricing, but you can also have repairs made before you drive off the lot, instead of later dealing with a repair shop after you leave on a trip.

  3. Save Time - Investing a few hours with a third party RV inspection service before your final purchase will always be better than spending days or weeks waiting on repairs to be completed later on.  Think of an RV as a moving house, even the best RV dealerships that provide maintenance services do not carry every part to every motor home in stock. You never want to get caught with a needed repair that was missed at the time of purchase, a week before your first trip.

  4. Quality Assurance - Especially if you special ordered your new RV, consider your RV inspector as your personal Quality Control Professional. Remember, a retailer is mostly concerned with selling its merchandise and that means making sure that every RV looks good when you drive off the lot. An RV inspector will go over every detail of your vehicle, looking for issues that a retailer does not want to point out. While the retailer will conduct their own pre delivery inspection, it is ultimately up to the buyer to know what to look for beyond the retailer's expectations.

  5. Knowledge - A great inspector can not only inspect and identify issues on any recreational vehicle, he or she can teach you what to look for so that you know how to overcome issues. The best way to learn new tips and tricks is to follow the inspector through the inspection process.


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Buying a new RV is an exciting time and will likely be one of the most expensive purchases you ever make. If you are purchasing an RV for the first ti...

Five Reasons You Should Have a Third Party RV Inspection

August 13, 2014

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